Florida Attorney General News: May 2024

Florida Attorney General News
Florida Attorney General News: May 2024

Ashley Moody has led the Florida Attorney General‘s office, which has been highly active in recent months, addressing a range of significant issues, from abortion rights to tax scams. This article provides a comprehensive update on the latest news and initiatives from the Attorney General’s office.

Blocking the Abortion Rights Amendment

Attorney General Ashley Moody is currently handling one of the most contentious issues: her effort to block a proposed constitutional amendment that seeks to ensure abortion rights in Florida. The proposed amendment aims to protect abortion rights before viability or when necessary for the patient’s health, as determined by the patient’s healthcare provider. Moody has taken legal steps to challenge the wording of the proposed amendment, arguing that it does not meet the legal requirements for ballot placemen.

Legal Actions and Initiatives

Tax Season Scam Series

As Tax Day approaches, Attorney General Moody has launched the 2024 Tax Season Scam Series. Attorney General Moody designed this initiative to assist Floridians, including lawyers, in avoiding fraudulent schemes. The series focuses on pre-filing scams, tax debt relief scams, and direct deposit refund scams. Moody emphasized the importance of filing taxes early to prevent fraudsters from stealing tax refunds, as well as the fact that fraudulent tax refunds identified by the IRS increased significantly between 2021 and 2022 Florida Attorney General News.

Protecting constitutional rights

Moody has also been actively defending Florida laws and pushing back against federal mandates that she views as overreaching. In recent weeks, she has taken legal action against the Biden administration on multiple fronts. These actions include challenging the Biden administration’s Title IX regulations and opposing what she describes as unlawful mandates from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission related to abortion.

Addressing Human Trafficking and the Opioid Crisis

The Attorney General’s office has been involved in various initiatives aimed at combating human trafficking and the opioid crisis. Moody has urged Floridians to participate in the 26th National Drug Take Back Day to fight the opioid crisis. Additionally, she has announced significant arrests related to Medicaid fraud and led multistate legal actions to block environmental regulations she considers harmful to the state.

High-Profile Legal Battles

NCAA and Antitrust Lawsuits

Moody has taken a strong stance in the sports arena, supporting Florida State University in its legal battles against the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and the NCAA. She has filed lawsuits challenging the NCAA’s handling of name, image, and likeness (NIL) agreements, as well as accusing the ACC of withholding agreements related to ESPN from review. These actions underscore her commitment to defending Florida institutions and ensuring fair practices in collegiate athletics Florida Attorney General News.

Lawsuit Against the EPA

In April, Moody led a multistate coalition demanding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rescind its “Environmental Justice” initiatives, which she claims harm states. This legal action is part of her broader effort to push back against federal regulations that she believes impose unnecessary burdens on Floridians.

Community Outreach and Public Awareness

Victims’ rights and public safety

Attorney General Moody has also focused on recognizing and supporting victims’ rights and public safety. She recently honored victim advocates and law enforcement officers during the 2023 Crime Victims’ Rights Awards Ceremony. This event highlighted the critical role of those who work tirelessly to support victims and maintain public safety in the community.

Consumer Protection

Moody continues to prioritize consumer protection, releasing new resources to help Floridians avoid falling prey to scams. This includes addressing the rise in jury duty scams and providing guidelines on how to stay safe from fraudulent schemes. Her office’s consumer alerts and educational campaigns aim to empower Floridians to protect themselves from various Florida Attorney General News.


Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody’s recent actions demonstrate her active engagement in a wide array of issues impacting Floridians. From blocking abortion rights amendments to combating tax scams and leading high-profile legal battles, Moody’s office remains at the forefront of legal and public safety initiatives in the state. As these issues continue to develop, her efforts will undoubtedly shape Florida’s legal landscape in the coming months Florida Attorney General News.

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